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What you need to know before you select your dream vacation or plan that business trip.  Check the weather patterns for your destination.  This is a helpful tool in planning your trip.  Click Weather Report.

Do you need a passport application or visa information?  Maybe you want to find out what is the latest information about your travel destination.  This is a great site to use for travel advisories and other pertinent information that will assist you in making your destination choice.  Of course Kola Nut Travel is always there to help guide you through the process. Click Passport/International Info.

Never leave for the airport, unless you have either reconfirmed your flight directly with the airline or use the Flight Tracker.  Just one of the many tools we provide to our customers.

Hopefully you didn't run out of money because you forgot to check the latest currency exchange rates where you are going.  The currency converter can help you decide how much money you need to bring and what your home country currency is really worth on the world market.  Right now it seems that almost everyone's currency is worth more than the dollar.  You be the judge, click here for the Currency Converter.