The Panama Canal is more than the Canal or cruise.  It is an ecological center of the Americas with beautiful resorts, beaches, music, and cultural experiences.  Less than two hours outside of Panama, travelers can visit the rainforest, perhaps the Embera people.  You will travel by canoe to their village and enjoy a wonderful lunch and celebration.  Panama City has terrific shops, hotels, and restaurants. There are beach hotels that offer golfing, spin classes, and yoga.  Kola Nut Travel will include tours to the Afro-Panamian community on each trip.  We will be offering week-long trips to Panama as well as four-day stopovers before going to Belize or Cuba.  We can also design a program for you based on the needs of your group of ten or more.

Kola Nut Travel invites you to join our historical journey to Ethiopia with a stopover in Cairo, Egypt.  The official air carrier will be Ethiopian Airlines.  Visit ancient monuments with the expertise of an Ethiopian Historian.  In Cairo, Memphis and Sakkara participants will tour with an Egyptian Guide trained in Anthropology,  who will focus on the Nubian influence in ancient Egypt.  For additional information click here:  Ethiopia & Egypt