Now that you have arrived, how are you going to get around.  Hiring a car or taxi can be expensive.  Sometimes it is just to dangerous trying to drive a rental car in Rome, Rio or Cairo when you don't understanding the emotional investment to navigate around a city you know little about.  Share with us your experiences.  If you need some help making plans to get from Point A to Point B, click here.

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The total number of tourists in Mexico hit a record in the first half of the year, with more than 14 million foreigners touching down, almost 20 percent more compared to last year.  Now that the focus on violence in Mexico, a new President and the Middle East crisis,  not much is covered by the press.  Regardless of the destination think before you roam and explore.

Kola Nut Travel is planning a historical journey to Ethiopia with a stopover in Cairo, Egypt.  The official air carrier will be Ethiopian Airlines.  Many ancient monuments will be explored with the expertise of an Ethiopian Histornian.  In Cairo, Memphis and Sakkara participants will tour with an Egyptian Guide trained in Anthropology,  who will focus on the Nubian influence in ancient Egypt.  For additional information click here:  Ethiopia & Egypt