Belize - Pearl of Central America

Belize - Pearl of Central America

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Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is nestled between Mexico and Guatemala in Central America.  A tropical paradise that boasts of resorts situated on the Caribbean Sea, and the rich history of the Garifunas.  The Garifunas are the dominant culture in Belize, who retained their spiritual connection to their ancestors.  Belize also shares the rich heritage of other Caribbean nations, particularly in the celebration of John Canoe.  Their colors are yellow, black, and white, and their traditional cuisine includes coconut milk, garlic, bananas, and plantain.  In 2020, Kola Nut Travel will offer two types of programs that include a one week stay in Belize and a ten-day program that combines Panama with this Caribbean paradise in Central America.  Belize is known for its large barrier reef, Rainforests, Mayan Ruisne, Rhythms, drumming, dance, and cuisine.


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