How to Prepare from Getting Sick Abroad

How to Prepare from Getting Sick Abroad

     Preparing for your next big trip can be a very exciting time. Whether you're heading out of Los Angeles, looking for beautiful spots on the beach in Bali, the coolest clubs in downtown Tokyo, or the best espresso bars in Milan, there are many new experiences to look forward to. But one thing nobody looks forward to is getting sick. Still, it does happen! You can reduce the disruption getting sick might cause by being prepared, taking precautions, and knowing what to do when it happens.

Get Travel Insurance
     Insurance may not be the most glamorous thing you will pack in your suitcase, but travel insurance can make a huge difference in the quality of your trip, as well as help, prevent a huge medical bill once you get home. A US Travel Insurance Association study of travel showed that only 6% of American travelers abroad had purchased travel insurance, including medical coverage. This was despite one out of every six people with travel insurance — or 17% of travelers — needing to file a claim. While many of these claims may be relatively minor, a real risk is needing medical transportation back to the United States. This can cost up to $220,000, depending on your point of departure. So, one of the first precautions you can take before going abroad is to make sure you are fully covered.

Digitize Your Medical Records and Important Files
     Even if you have travel insurance to cover the costs of any medical treatment abroad, you need to ensure you get the right medical treatment. Having a copy of your medical records helps ensure that doctors know how to treat you, even if there is a language barrier. The best way to do this is to digitize your records and any other important documents and save them to the cloud. You can easily digitize any paper files you have with a scanner, or you can even use your mobile device's camera. You should then use a PDF merging tool to keep all of your documents in one file, which cuts down on the time it takes to find a document or the risk of losing one completely!

Stay Healthy While Abroad for Work
     No matter your reason for traveling, you don't want to fall ill. However, it is especially important when you are traveling for work. When you've traveled somewhere for an important meeting, the last thing you need is to miss it because you are sick. Here are some tips to stay as fit and healthy as possible. If you'll be staying in your hotel a lot, try to find accommodation with good fitness facilities, such as a gym or swimming pool. If your meetings aren't at the hotel, you could try walking or biking to meetings. Finally, remember to drink plenty of safe drinking water to stay hydrated, especially if you're in a hotter environment.

Be Prepared for Worry-Free Travel
     If you make these few preparations, your trip is far more likely to be a big success. For more help planning your next trip out of Los Angeles, visit Kola Nut Travel which can advise and book your next trip and provide all your travel insurance needs.


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