The Grand Egyptian Museum, in Giza, is slated to open in early 2020. The exterior will reflect a mirror image of the Great Pyramids.  The museum is located approximately two miles away. The Museum is 70,000 square feet or the size of ten soccer fields.  A total of 100, 000 artifacts, with 20,000 new antiquities, will be presented to the anticipated 5,000,000 visitors per year.  According to one source, "Treasures of the Pyramids will be as close as their original discovery."  Kola Nut Travel will keep you posted.  


Kola Nut Travel arranges tours to Paris when tour groups are connecting in Paris, France.  The Paris Noir or Black Paris tour focuses on the Black communities of days past as well as in current times.  Long gone are the days of the African American Jazz Greats. However, their legacy still lives on and is prevalent in the Latin Quarter.  A stroll down the narrow cobbled stone streets of the Quarter with our team member, Ealy, participants learn about the hidden secrets of the rich legacy of Alexander Dumas, Josephine Baker,  Richard Wright, James Baldwin, and such visitors as Malcolm X.  Our cultural and historical tours require a great deal of walking, and this is important to consider this when signing up for one of our programs.  We can arrange Paris Noir tours for one person and groups as well.  



Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is nestled between Mexico and Guatemala in Central America.  A tropical paradise that boasts of resorts situated on the Caribbean Sea, and the rich history of the Garifunas.  The Garifunas are the dominant culture in Belize, who retained their spiritual connection to their ancestors.  Belize also shares the rich heritage of other Caribbean nations, particularly in the celebration of John Canoe.  Their colors are yellow, black, and white, and their traditional cuisine includes coconut milk, garlic, bananas, and plantain.  In 2020, Kola Nut Travel will offer two types of programs that include a one week stay in Belize and a ten-day program that combines Panama with this Caribbean paradise in Central America.  Belize is known for its large barrier reef, Rainforests, Mayan Ruisne, Rhythms, drumming, dance, and cuisine.

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