Cuba's Response Continued

In what is a backward step in the relationship between the two countries, Trump made a speech and signed in the same event, a policy directive titled “National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the United States Toward Cuba” setting forth the elimination of the individual “people to people” educational exchanges, an increased oversight of US travelers to Cuba and the prohibition of economic, commercial and financial transactions by US companies with Cuban companies linked to the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the intelligence and security agencies, all with the intended purpose of depriving us of income. The US head of state justified this policy with alleged concerns for the human rights situation in Cuba and the necessity to strictly enforce the laws of the blockade, conditioning its lifting and any improvement in the bilateral relations to our country’s making changes inherent to its constitutional laws.

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In a recent Los Angeles Times article in the Business Section, it was reported that airline profits are up 64% from the previous year.  National air carriers accumulated a profit of $3.6 Billion in the second quarter with 25% earned from baggage fees or $90 million.  Another $753 million represented revenue for ticket change fees.  American Airlines and US Airways will complete their merger soon creating a mega monopoly of 4 national carriers controlling 80% of the domestic travel.

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