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 I  loved my trip to Cuba!
I had really meant to send this e-mail to you must sooner.  Sorry for the long delay.  I just want to say how very much I enjoyed myself on the trip with you ( and alot of wonderful new friends) to Cuba.  We (my son Malcolm and I ) never would had seen so much of the Island with any other trip.  The group we travel with on the bus were great, as well as the two travel guides,who compliment each others style of showing and explaining Cuba and its people.   Thank You again for going the extra mile in getting me and my son on board.  Till we meet again.
All the best Arneatha Morris
Philadelphia, Pa

 Ache!  Ache!  Ache!

Please--Do not wake us Up—Please!  We are still in a nice-nice dream traveling around AfroCuba, Cuba!  We can still hear, feel and see the voices (Spirit Calling Singing), instruments (Bata Drums, Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Shakeres and Cowbells) and rhythms (Call and Response, Hand Clapping, Chanting and  Body Spirit Dancing)  of AfroCuba Music (Orisha Singers and Dancers, Orisha Drums and Spirits Body Movers). In addition, we are still playing the music of  the AfroCuban All-Stars, Celia Cruz, Buena Vista Social Club, Omara Portuondo, Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri on my portable Bose music system.  Our Hearts are still--Trembling and Spirits are still Rising because of being touched by AfroCuba, Cuba!  

We got—Hit Sweetly, Softly and Spiritually in AfroCuba (December 2-12, 2016) like  in AfroBrazil, Bahia (2005) #4—and in Cameroun, West Africa!  It is confirmed that the AfroCuba Travel Experience is #3—after Cameroun (2016) #2—with Dr. Molefi Asante and Dr. Ama Mazama of Afrocentricity International  and Kemet (2008) #1—with Dr. Ashra & Merira Kwesi of Kemet Nu.

Okay—Yesssssss, we are back from AfroCuba, it has It has been 14-days, 336 hours, 20,160 minutes and 1,209,600 seconds since we have returned from AfroCuba; we needed the time to decompress and reflect.  it was nice-nice traveling on a Bus (TWO BIG BUSES) around the country of Cuba to see Havana, Hotel Copacabana Hotel, House of Africa and the performance by the Powerful Orisha Dancers (Dancing Up The African Spirits), Restaurant Paladar Valdes, Castle of Severino, Tamboreros Practitioners, La-Dionisia-Old French Coffee Plantation, Tobacco Farm, Restaurant Velaseco, El Cimmaron  Monument to the Maroons, Viñales Valley: Cuba's Natural Monument Giant Mural, Town of Camaguey, Town of Trinidad, Town of Santiago, Yemaya Temple House, Rumba House--Havana’s Callejon de Hamel, Conjunto Folkloric Nacional de Cuba Dance Group (Excellent Theatrical Orisha and Traditional Dancing),  Jazz Show, Hotel Nacional de Cuba--85 years old—saw a classical Cuban musical performance---and we listened and sweat danced to the Rumba Music, rode in an antique red 1957 Plymouth Cuba car, connected with the resilient and strong peoples of Cuba who stood-up to the USA Blockage/Embargo for 60-years, visited Shango Fidel Castro Rock Tomb, etc.

It was a Special and Spiritual Uplifting Traveling Experience traveling to AfroCuba with Sister Scottye’s Kola Nut Travel (An African American Traveling Company).  Sister Scotty started the trip right from the very beginning with mailing out professional travel booklet/package full of information we needed to prepare correctly for the AFRICAN HERITAGE CUBA TOUR DECEMBER 2-12, 2016.   As well, she conducted three telephone conference calls and sent out emails to answer any questions, concerns, and to update the group about pertinent information.  It was the best travel agent/company encounter we have ever experienced in our thirty-years of traveling.  Plus, as mentioned and worth mentioning again—Sister Scottye’s KOLA NUT TRAVEL is Black (African American)—real Black in her Heart, Mind and Soul—where it really counts.  Bless Sister Scottye’s travel business and life—in its continual growth and success.

 It was a Cultural and Informational Uplifting Traveling Experience traveling to AfroCuba with Brother Dr. Ronoko Rashidi’s THE GLOBAL AFRICAN PRESENCE TRAVEL.  African Americans are truly blessed to have an international traveling scholar of eminence  that reflect the teachings of his prodigious teachers, heroes and sheroes (Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Ben, Mosiah Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X. Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Amy Jacques Garvey, Dr. Betty Shabazz, Coretta Scott King)  boldly and without apology (Brave Race Man).  It is Brother Dr. Ronoko’s personal sacrifice, devotion and love for his Folks that he has researched and studied for years and years the importance and proper place for us in the world history.  The difficult and long research motivated him to travel almost all corners of the world to witness and study Black culture and life with his highly educated mind and soul. What he learned about Black people worldwide was so compelling and uplifting he could not keep it to himself or just write about his encounters in BIG-FAT books.  Brother Dr. Rashidi asked and motivated us to come with him into the real world of traveling to see, feel, touch and learn about Black Life in other places on our large mother planet—Earth—like him. 

We have traveled with Brother Dr. Ronoko Rashidi—The African-Centered Master Teacher and International Eminent Black Scholar’s—African Global African Presence Tours to Olmec Mexico (July 8 - 17, 2015), Southeast Asia (January 8 - 22, 2016)–and now to AfroCuba, Cuba (December 2 - 12, 2016).  All of his Tours were Special, Sacred, Spiritual and Cultural Traveling Experiences of a Lifetime. They are not vacations; actually you may need a vacation after the detailed and rigorous moving around, learning, and living in the active moments. You can always find a relaxing vacation on a beautiful Caribbean Island with a white sand warm beach and aqua blue warm ocean water.  On the other hand, Black folks need and must travel with Brother Dr. Ronoko Rashidi at least once in your lifetime (and, with Sister Scottye’s KOLA NUT TRAVEL), on a  positively life altering upwardly experience.   As mentioned, we have traveled with him three times (and, with her one time) and it will not be our last time.  We will return to AfroCuba, Cuba—a few more times; especially with an approximately three and half hour flight from New York. 

We are still in a dream state about our AfroCuba Experience---hopefully forever, so please leave us be—Thank you very much!    Hotep-Hotep – Ase---Aseoooo -- OneAfricanLove!

Ife & Ibo AKC Changa Ford, Philadelphia PA