History | Kola Nut Travel

The company was first established as Timbuktu Tours and was later changed to Kola Nut Travel & Tours in 1986. By June of 1986  Kola Nut Travel received appointments   from the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) and  the  International Travel Association of Travel Agents Network (IATAN) for the purpose of issuing both domestic and international airlines tickets.  The first airline ticket was issued in July of that same year.  The major focus was on groups traveling to a number of African countries, that included Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia, Senegal, the Gambia. Somalia and Cote d' Ivoire.  In the early days there was no internet, fax machines or cell phones that were widely used.  All communication with Africa and later South America was through telex.  This was also the beginning of the deregulation of airlines and the entrance of the non refundable airline ticket.  

Kola Nut Travel was awarded a major contract with a Grant Funding Agency that opened a new world in group travel and meeting planning that included inbound Central, North and South American visitors who were guests of the United States Government.  Services included scheduling travel arrangements, tri-lingual translations services in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and logistics planning for events in Miami, Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York, Los Angeles as well as a number of Caribbean, Central and South America locals.  

Kola Nut Travel added to its repertoire of specializations the Americas.  By 1993 educational groups had traveled to Brazil, Suriname, Columbia, Mexico, Belize and Argentina.  In Suriname  groups traveled into the Rain Forest, in Columbia tour groups traveled to the maroon communities in Columbia,  and studied with the Ifa's in Brazil.  Collaborating with Varig Airlines and the Brazilian Tourist Board, Kola Nut Travel coordinated a press delegation to Brazil to meet with the Brazilian Justice Department and to learn more about Brazil, the destination.  Collaborating with the County of Los Angeles. two trade missions were coordinated by Kola Nut Travel to South Africa and West Africa.  

This was also the year that Kola Nut Travel's first government contract was awarded.  In May, 1994 Kola Nut Travel won the prestigious award, Subcontract of the Year, by SATO Travel.  

In April, 2011 Kola Nut Travel relocated after 14 years at the same location in downtown Inglewood to the Howard Hughes Center.  Kola Nut Travel is currently serving the UCLA Nasa and the University of California, Office of the President with corporate travel services, as well as the National Brotherhood of Hunters.  Given the change in travel needs and the presence of the internet, Kola Nut Travel has returned to custom and creative travel programs for the moderately to luxury priced client.  The custom designed  travel programs have been expanded to include Western Europe and the South Pacific.  Wedding parties have been coordinated in Tonga, educational programs to Fiji, programs to Jazz Festivals in Europe and many other programs have been created per the desires of group leaders and individual travelers.

Kola Nut Travel increased the number of Government Travel to five, serving California and New Mexico.  Kola Nut Travel also increased its leisure market with the group and individual cruise market, travel to the Caribbean and the South Pacific.  In selected destinations with cruise groups, shore excursions with ground operators were created to enhance the cruise port experience.  By 2003, Kola Nut Travel was planning small and midsize meetings throughout the United States, Jamaica and South Africa.  

The company currently offers traditional travel programs as well as custom travel packages for groups of 4 or more travelers.  Kola Nut Travel launched a cruise campaign that will highlight cruise itineraries and cruise products that are more unique in experience and offer a variety of services.   Our travel programs include a number of destinations in a number of price ranges to accommodate the traveler.  

Kola Nut Travel is excited about its travel programs to Australia and Cuba as well as US destinations such as the Underground Railroad.  The Undergroud Railraod was recently created for a non profit group and it was a success.  We are also excited regarding our special tours in the United States that focus on the dynamic culture and contributions of Americans.  Kola Nut Travel is an agency that has something for the serious traveler.