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If you are traveling internationally on an American Carrier, in most cases you are now required to pay for the first bag checked.  Air carriers can vary on their baggage policy.  Most agree that the third bag checked can start as high as $100.  

The current trend that looks like it is here to stay is the purchasing airline seats closer to the front, emergency row seating, many aisle and window seats are costing the air traveler.  Each seat purchased for only one segment of the flight.  Prices can range from $19 per seat to as much as $59 or possibly more, depending on the air carrier. 

Most promotional first class ticket are non refundable.  If you miss your connecting flight you can be bumped to coach with no refund.  When possible you may be given an option to wait for a flight with first class seats available.  These fares are an affordable way to experience great front cabin service and more leg room.

It is a good idea if you are open to spending nights in the airport.  Buddy passes and other types of passes are generally considered non revenue tickets.  If another flight is canceled and there is a need to board those travelers with purchased revenue tickets, you will be bumped.  Pass riders traveling during the holidays internationally have been known to be stranded for several days, camping out in airports.  Travel wisely and consider the time of year and destination you are choosing.