FAQs | Kola Nut Travel

Currently, most air carriers have relaxed their requirements for wearing masks.  It is best to check before you travel.  Cruise lines are reconsidering the vaccination requirement on their cruise ships.

Major airlines are charging more for that aisle or window seat.  In the past it was just the front of the plane, now it is the majority of the aircraft.  Advance seating is the best way to select your seat.  If you are traveling on a Basic airfare seat, there is no advanced seating.

There are some great deals traveling 1st Class.  These deals are based on deeply discounted fares, that are still nonrefundable.  Be mindful of the rules prior to purchasing one of these great fares.

There are two types of cruise and tour travel insurance.  The least expensive will give you a voucher to travel later.  The more expensive policy provides a cash refund.  These insurances only cover the actual cruise or actual tour, nothing else.  Complete coverage requires the purchase of independent travel insurance.