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If traveling within 60 days, your tour must be paid in full.  If traveling for more than 60 days, a $500 Deposit is required, with the final payment made 60 Days prior to departure.  It is extremely important that you purchase travel insurance.  Many international destinations will not return payments/deposits after land arrangements have been secured.  Cancellation Penalties are as follows.  

120 days or more:   All payments remitted, less the $50.00 Administrative Fee, as well as any amount accessed by the vendor for cancellations.

90 days to 119 Days:  $500.00 Deposit

30 days to 89 Days  $500.00 Deposit

29 days or less Entire Payment

  • Make checks payable to Kola Nut Travel
  • 6080 Center Drive, Suite 600
  • Los Angeles, Ca 90045

Credit Card or Zelle information will be provided upon request via a link.  For additional information call us at (310) 674-0291