All About Cuba

All About Cuba

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Travel to Cuba Now!


New Regulations for Travel to Cuba Arranged by Travel Agencies.

UPDATED June 4, 2019.  Do travel service providers (such as travel agents and tour group operators) need to obtain specific licenses from OFAC to provide services for travel to Cuba? No. A general license authorizes persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction, including travel agents and tour group operators, to provide travel services in connection with authorized travel without the need for specific licenses from OFAC. For a complete description of what this general license authorizes and the restrictions that apply, see 31 CFR § 515.572(a)(1). In accordance with the NSPM, OFAC amended this general license to exclude from the authorization certain direct financial transactions with entities and sub entities identified on the State Department’s Cuba Restricted List. The provision of services related to travel for tourist activities or other unauthorized travel to Cuba remains prohibited. [06-04-2019] 40. Kola Nut Travel currents has authorization from OFAC to provide travel programs to Cuba based on the current guidelines established on June 4, 2019 as noted above.


Bargain shopping to travel to Cuba, is it possible?

Cuba, the island, is a country with an infrastructure that cannot be rivaled by any other Caribbean island.  In every province, there are hotels and tourist attractions.  It is a clean, beautiful and safe place to travel.  Hotels range from one star to 6-star properties.  LIke other destinations, staying in high-end properties costs as much as any other foreign destination. Casas, private homes, are an option and are less in expense.  Now that there is US corporate interest on the island, rates for casas and hotels have in some cases quadrupled in nightly rates.  So when considering bargain shopping, it is a good idea to decide if you are going only to Havana or are you traveling to other locals.  The so-called bargain might be outweighed by your costs when you arrive.  Another consideration is where on the island you are staying.  If you are interested in visiting Santiago, this can require a twelve-hour drive or a round trip domestic air ticket that costs approximately $350 round trip.


Support of the Cuban People

Tours include accommodations, tours, airport transportation, some meals, entrance fees and an English Speaking Guide.  Our programs can accommodate very small groups as well as larger groups.  Our programs emphasize community outreach of the Cuban People and learning about their culture, history,the arts, Holistic Medicine and participating in community based projects primrarily in Havana, Matanzas, Santiago de Cuba, and Trinidad de Cuba.  Because of the nature of our tour program you will be expected to participate in recognized activities on a daily basis. 

Where do I purchase my visa?

At the airport on the day of departure.  US Carriers charge as much as $100 for the visa tourist card.  Our preferred air carriers (Copa and Aero Mexico) charge $20.  The choice is always yours.

How is the air carrier notified of my intention to travel to Cuba?

Kola Nut Travel creates an electronic document within our GDS system that in turn notifies the carrier.  A Cuba Travel Certification Document is created that the traveler takes  to the airport on the day of departure.  The form lists the travel category used while traveling in Cuba.

Airline Health Coverage vs Travel Protection Coverage?

US carriers offer complementary medical coverage with each airline ticket purchased.  The dollar amount of this coverage is approximately $300 and covers very little if there is an emergency.   This coverage meets the Cuban Government requirement for medical coverage.

Travel protection insurance covers the entire amount of your trip, flight delays, lost luggage, trip interruption, emergency evacuation, full medical coverage and much more.

Why are payments nonrefundable at the time of payment?

There are times when nonrefundable airline tickets must be secured immediately, there are also times when funds are wired to Cuba to secure your accommodations and/or tour program.  Once funds leave our office they become nonrefundable.  This is why travel protection coverage is so important.

Why is there a fee for using electronic payment applications?

Kola Nut Travel does not embed a credit card fee on most tours.  This means the cash cost is the lesser of the two different types of payments.   We advise our clients that if they choose to use PayPal or one of the other electronic payment programs, a fee ranging between 3.1% and 4%, depending on the credit card used will incur the electronic payment surcharge that goes directly to that particular service company.   Another way to avoid a fee for payments is through Zelle, a service that you set up at your bank to transfer funds to our account.  This service has no additional cost.

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