All About Cuba

All About Cuba

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Travel to Cuba Now!


What does it mean when the State Department issues a travel warning for Cuba?

The advisory was implemented on September 25, 2017.  Although the White House has indicated that they are not certain who is responsible for the mysterious illness, the US Government has issued a travel advisory for US Citizens not to travel to Cuba.  More recently they have expelled a number of Cuban Embassy members in the US and have reduced their US Embassy staff in Cuba.  This mandate reflects the decision of the White House to eliminate or reduce any President Obama's programs.  Due to the new requirements, Kola Nut Travel has adjusted all hotel properties to comply with the new regulations.  All programs will now be required to be escorted by an US Travel Guide.


Can I still travel to Cuba?

US Carriers, US Tour Operators and cruise companies continue to operate flights, cruises and tours to the island.  Cuba is a very safe and incredibly beautiful destination that still attracts thousands to their shores.  Effective November 9, 2017 

How about visas, if the Embassy is limited in staffing where do I purchase my visa?

Nothing has changed with the purchasing of your Cuba Tourist/Visa Card.  If flying on an US Flag Carrier, visas can be purchased at the airport upon departure from the US.  Kola Nut Travel generally provides visas for all clients, if traveling on Delta, Copa, and Aero Mexico. 

How is the air carrier notified of my intention to travel to Cuba?

Kola Nut Travel creates an electronic document within our GDS system that in turn notifies the carrier.  A Travel Certification Document is created that the traveler takes  to the airport on the day of departure.  The form lists the travel category used while traveling in Cuba.

Airline Health Coverage vs Travel Protection Coverage?

US carriers offer complimentary medical coverage with each airline ticket purchased.  The dollar amount of this coverage is approximately $300.   This coverage meets the Cuban Government requirement for medical coverage.

Travel protection insurance covers the entire amount of your trip, flight delays, lost luggage, trip interruption, emergency evacuation, full medical coverage and much more.

Why would a deposit become nonrefundable at the time of payment?

There are times when nonrefundable airline tickets must be secured immediately, there are also times when funds are wired to Cuba to secure your accommodations and/or tour program.  Once funds leave our office they become nonrefundable.  This is why travel protection coverage is so important.

Why is there a fee for using electronic payment applications?

Kola Nut Travel does not embed a credit card fee on any tours.  This means the cash cost is the lesser of the two different types of payments.   We advise our clients that if they choose to use PayPal or one of the other electronic payment programs, a fee ranging between 3.1% and 4%, depending on the credit card used.   Also many foreign destinations do not accept credit cards, they require international bank wires for payment.

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